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[The Wrap] Three things we learnt from the FMA Value for Money report 21 May, 3:18pm

Here are three things we learnt from the Financial Markets Authority Value for Money report. While there is some good stuff in the report there are also things the industry should be worried about.

Fund managers silent on FMA’s hard-hitting fees and commissions report 20 May, 8:28am

Fund managers were yesterday ducking for cover when asked for on-the-record comment on a scathing FMA report, released on Wednesday, about fees and commissions charged to investors in KiwiSaver and other managed fund schemes.

Cigna plans income protection offer for grads, tweaks eApp 19 May, 1:13pm

Cigna New Zealand is working on an income protection offer aimed at young professionals who are new to the workforce.

[WATCH] Dealing with drawdowns 19 May, 9:48am

Investors may be worrying about their current returns, but even if you had the best possible portfolio it is impossible to avoid drawdowns.

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