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Partners Life reveals its secret sauce

7 Jun, 11:57am

Partners Life says it is 58% more efficient than other life companies because of its technology and the fact it does not have legacy systems.

Managing director Naomi Ballantyne says people should think of Partners as a “technology company in the business of insurance.”

She says Partners will “never allow legacy to impact our business.”

Chief financial officer Sean Kam says the "secret sauce" to Partners' success is its efficiency. Based on publicly available data he says Partners is 58% more efficient than its competitors because it uses the best technology, cloud-based solutions and has not legacy systems.

"We have an absolute laser focus on not allowing legacy into our business."

Its technology means the company "can do more with less people".

He believes Partners has an "unbeatable competitive new advantage."

The firm celebrated its 10th birthday with an event for advisers recently.

Ballantyne says in its first decade the company has:

Ballantyne says Partners has a better lapse rate than its competitors. According to Financial Services Council numbers the average lapse rate across the industry is 11.6%, while Partners sites at 10.2%.

The company is currently getting the largest share of all adviser new business. Ballantyne says 34% of new business is written by Partners and the next biggest is sitting on 20%.

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