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Flint investment platform ignited

17 Jan, 7:17am

After a long delay new investment platform Flint is in the market in a beta phase.

Originally it planned a soft launch a year ago, but is only now on the market in a beta version.

Flint is a joint venture between Harbour Asset Management, Trustees Executors and Australian-based Research IP.

The platform has 9 fund managers and 40 funds. Former Morningstar sales manager Stuart Auld runs distribution and it has recently appointed Jonno O’Grady as its marketing manager.

He says: "We exist to make investing accessible for everyday Kiwis and provide choice when it comes to investing through digital technology."

Flint Wealth is similar to InvestNow in that it will allow investors to access a range of investments. However, at launch it has a smaller range of funds and does not offer term deposits.

There are also plans to make Flint available to financial advisers to help service their lower value clients.

O'Grady says Flint has a pipeline of new features and products which will be explored with users over the next 12 months.

"The platform is a smart investment assistant offering financial insights, research, and data so that users can make their own informed investment decisions."

The platform has a no subscription fees model and requires a minimum invest of $250.

"Flint is designed for current and emerging investors who want information and insights to help them feel confident about building their own investment portfolios. We use digital technology to break down the barriers that people face when investing and enable Kiwis to take control of their financial futures."

Managers on the Flint platform include: Castle Point Funds Management, Clarity Funds Management, Conrad Funds, Devon Funds, Fisher Funds Management, Harbour Asset Management, Mint Asset Management, Nikko Asset Management and Pathfinder.

Research IP has eight full time research and IT analysts in Taiwan and offers services to the Taiwan Government Fund Research Service.

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