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New Code Committee members finally revealed

26 Jun, 5:57pm by Jenni McManus

Finally, the mystery has been solved.

At the urging of Good Returns and one of our very persistent readers, thefinancial advice Code Committee has finally updated its website to reveal the names of its two new committee members.

According to Commerce and Affairs Minister David Clark, the appointments were made in mid-April, after the committee had been operating unlawfully for almost a year with less than the
statutory minimum number of members.

But while he notified our reader – a senior adviser – of the appointments, Clark failed to identify the two new members. And while the minister said they were appointed more than two months ago, their names had not found their way onto the committee’s website.

The minister is required by law to appoint new members when their number falls below seven. Since July last year, the committee has been operating with only six.

The two new members are Karen Coutts and Erin Jurgeleit.

Coutts is one of two consumer affairs representatives on the committee. She is experienced in iwi and pan-Māori governance with a special interest in Māori economic development. Coutts affiliates
to Ngai Tahu and Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki.

Jurgeleit is a product development, risk management and regulatory compliance consultant. She was previously head of insurance product at Next Insurance and was a senior leader in Pay Pal’s product engineering team.

Their terms expire in April 2025.

Clark, however, has another problem on his hands. While the committee now has eight members, the terms of three of them expire at the end of next month. So, to maintain the statutory minimum, Clark has just over a month to find and appoint two new members.

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